DATE : 7 September 2021


The Chess Championship is open to any student from Years 7 – 12.

Each school is to bring a team of players with a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 14 players in the team. Only one team per school is permitted.


The tournament will be run according to the Swiss format. The goals of this format are:

1.  Each round, players play against opponents of a similar ability to themselves

2.  Never play the same player twice

3.  Balance the players games with black and white

4.  All players will play 7 games


The player who wins the game must report the score to the score-table. If it is a draw, both players must report their scores. Players who lose are not required to report scores.

Results are scored as follows; 1 point for a win, ½ for a draw, and 0 for a loss.

At the start of each round the pairings will be posted in an accessible display area.  Players listed on the left-hand side will be White and players on the right-hand side will be Black.

After each round players will be re-ranked and matched according to the number of games they have won. (eg. a player with 3 wins will play someone else with 3 wins)

Players from the same school will not play against one another (an exception can be made at the arbiter's discretion for two players who have not yet scored a win).

Normal rules of chess apply including the touch move rule, castling, en passant etc.  N.B. The King must be touched first when castling, not the rook.

Spectators are not to talk to players while they are playing. If spectators talk it is the responsibility of the players to notify the Director of Play who will remove the spectators.

If there is a dispute it is the responsibility of the player to notify the Director of Play at the time of the dispute NOT AFTER THE EVENT.

The duration of each game is 30 minutes i.e. 15 minutes per player. At the end of a game, set up the chess pieces again.

At the end of 7 games team prizes will be determined by the SUM of the TOP 4 scores for each team.

An umpire, clocks to cover all games and chess sets will be provided by Chess Kids.


Further details are available in Handbook.

Refer to the Meetings and Events Schedule and Calendar of Events.


The competition objective is for a team to create an illustrated novella that is between 4000 – 6000 words in length, within one day.

The competition will take place over 3 days:
1.      Workshop day (Thursday, July 22)
2.      Book in a day writing (Tuesday, August 10)
3.      Critique, feedback and presentation day (Thursday, October 14)

Schools may enter 1 team, to comprise of a maximum of 8 students from Years 7-10 and will provide their own materials for students (including art supplies for the Illustrator). 
Each team must have at least 2 students from Y 7-8.
It is expected that the same team will attend all 3 days in order to build skills needed for the competition.

Workshop day
The Workshop day will be presented by local author/s, illustrator/s as well as SIS teachers. Students will spend time working within their school-based teams as well as working with students from other schools.

Workshops will be based around writing and illustration skills, with the view to improving on skills needed to write a quality novella in a single day.

The Workshop day will take place on Thursday, 22 July from 10am-2pm at a SIS host school with a lunch break from 12:00-12:30.

The host school will provide lunch for teachers. Students will need to bring their lunch. Canteen will NOT be available for students.

Book in a day writing day

The Book in a day competition will be held on Tuesday, 10 August 2021.
  Arrival                8:45am

  Commence          9:00am

   Finish                5:00pm

Schools may enter 1 team, to comprise of a maximum of 8 students from Years 7-10 and will provide their own materials for students (including art supplies for the Illustrator).  Each team must have at least 2 students from Y 7-8. 

The front and back cover of the book must be illustrated, with further illustrations throughout the book.  All illustrations may be created by hand or digitally and must be original or copyright free. 

The book must not include any reference to individual students or school names.

It is anticipated that some preparation and lead-up coaching is provided to the competition team, however the accompanying staff member is to supervise their own students and must not assist during the competition.

Four school library venues are required to host the competition and will be separated into Zones 1, 2, 3 and 4.  Each Library must provide a working space for each team, enable access to
computers, internet, printers, binding equipment and whiteboards/butchers paper.


All material must be suitable for the intended audience - Yrs 7/8 students.  Proof-reading is undertaken by supervisors before publication to school communities.

Prior to the competition, the SIS Co-ordinator from each participating school will advise SIS:-

5 parameters

Primary Character 1, Primary Character 2, Non-Human Character, Setting, Issue, 5 random words which must appear at least once somewhere in the story.
The story must include and be written around the 5 parameters provided and the 5 random words are to be included anywhere in the story without adaptation.

The writing prompts will be assigned by SIS and only revealed to teams by the host school at 9:00am on the competition day.

At 5:00pm the completed novella must be uploaded to DropBox and a bound hard-copy to the host school staff.  The host school will post the material in the next available mail to the SIS Cultural Coordinator, C/- John Paul College, PO Box 3105, Frankston, 3199.

Reading and Judging

The books will be launched officially on Tuesday, 17 August and the reading will go through to Thursday, 14 September 2021.

 SIS will send 4 novellas electronically to each school and the SIS Co-ordinator will then arrange for copies to be made available to 20-30, Year 7/8 students, to read and vote.

The SIS Co-ordinator will arrange for voting slips/survey monkey to be available so that the students can read and rank each novella from 1st to 4th.

Each book should be judged on the following criteria:-
-        compliance with all rules outlined above
-        story structure – well-planned & executed; consistency of tone; plot & characterisation; imaginative
-        literary excellence – correct spelling & grammar; good vocabulary
-        reader engagement & audience appropriateness
-        illustrations – contribution to the story; technical competence & appeal
-        final appearance of the bound book

The SIS Co-ordinator will advise schools of the finalists on Tuesday, 14th September 2021.

The top 4 novellas will then be sent to Scholastic Australia for judging.

The winning novella will be the story which has the highest rating provided by the supporting publishing organisation.

Feedback/presentation day

Feedback and presentations will be a half-day presented by SIS teachers and students.

The Presentation day will take place on Thursday, 14th October from 12noon-2pm at a SIS host school.

The session will include time for self and team reflection; some discussion/presentations/feedback about the works read; and presentation of the SIS Book in a day shield and badges and special awards.

The SIS Book in a Day Championship is proudly supported by Scholastic Australia & Campion Education.



The SIS Art, Technology & Design Exhibition will be held at the Cube 37 Gallery, Frankston Arts Centre in Term 4.


SIS co-ordinator's commence the planning in May for this exquisite exhibition and all schools are invited to participate.

Selected student artwork will be displayed between 6-14 November 2021. 

Students and their families, along with all school Principals are invited to attend the Official Celebration Night on Monday 15 November


The SIS Art, Technology & Design Exhibition is proudly sponsored by Zart Art.