2022 Champions - Woodleigh School


The Chess Championship is open to any student from Years 7 – 12.

Each school is to bring a team of players with a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 14 players in the team. Only one team per school is permitted.


The tournament will be run according to the Swiss format. The goals of this format are:

1.  Each round, players play against opponents of a similar ability to themselves

2.  Never play the same player twice

3.  Balance the players games with black and white

4.  All players will play 7 games


The player who wins the game must report the score to the score-table. If it is a draw, both players must report their scores. Players who lose are not required to report scores.

Results are scored as follows; 1 point for a win, ½ for a draw, and 0 for a loss.

At the start of each round the pairings will be posted in an accessible display area.  Players listed on the left-hand side will be White and players on the right-hand side will be Black.

After each round players will be re-ranked and matched according to the number of games they have won. (eg. a player with 3 wins will play someone else with 3 wins)

Players from the same school will not play against one another (an exception can be made at the arbiter's discretion for two players who have not yet scored a win).

Normal rules of chess apply including the touch move rule, castling, en passant etc.  N.B. The King must be touched first when castling, not the rook.

Spectators are not to talk to players while they are playing. If spectators talk it is the responsibility of the players to notify the Director of Play who will remove the spectators.

If there is a dispute it is the responsibility of the player to notify the Director of Play at the time of the dispute NOT AFTER THE EVENT.

The duration of each game is 30 minutes i.e. 15 minutes per player. At the end of a game, set up the chess pieces again.

At the end of 7 games team prizes will be determined by the SUM of the TOP 4 scores for each team.

An umpire, clocks to cover all games and chess sets will be provided by Chess Kids.


Further details are available in Handbook.

Refer to the Meetings and Events Schedule and Calendar of Events.


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