All member schools are invited to participate and the competition is open to students in Years 9 - 11, particularly those who study food at school in Food Technology/Home Economics/Hospitality or other such subject, or have access to another schools Food and Technology program.

If however, there is no such program; the participating students should provide evidence of their suitability and competency from a recognised on-line program. This is to ensure that the students are competent in handling food hygienically and safely operating tools and equipment. Each school is to take responsibility for the selection of students, making their own judgement of the suitability and competency of competitors.

Each school is to field a team of four students that would be working on a single bench.

Each pair of students would be producing a main course item and the other pair a dessert for assessment.

Students need to complete their dishes in the space of 100 minutes plus cleaning up time of approximately 30 minutes.

The participating schools will be given in advance, a list of core ingredients that would have to be used in creating their dishes. This would give students the opportunity of trialling several alternative dishes before the competition day and gaining confidence.

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