Weekly Sport Details

Weekly Sport Fixtures will be prepared by the Executive Secretary and made available on the website - Sport included may vary from year to year. Each round will be played with the first named school in the fixture being the Home Team unless otherwise arranged.

Term 1 Thursday Senior Term 2 Thursday Junior
Boys Soccer, Cricket
Girls Soccer, Basketball
Mix Table Tennis
Boys Football, Basketball
Girls Football, Netball
Friday Intermediate Friday Intermediate
Boys Cricket, Handball
Girls Handball, Volleyball
Boys Basketball, Football
Girls Netball, Soccer
Term 3 Thursday Senior Term 4 Thursday Junior

Boys Football, Basketball    
Girls Netball, Football

Mix Table Tennis
Boys Soccer, Volleyball
Girls Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball
Friday Intermediate Friday Intermediate
Boys Soccer
Girls Basketball, Football
Boys Baseball, Volleyball
Girls Softball

The Executive Secretary with provide the rules for sports in the Handbook available on the website. Please refer to Summary of Weekly Sport. Weekly Sport shall commence at the home school on time at 1:20pm unless otherwise arranged (with the exception of football which starts at 12:45pm and cricket which starts at 12:30pm).